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High-fiber foods How to eat it so it doesn’t have negative effects?

Although high-fiber foods are beneficial to the body. But if adding Eat excessive amounts Quickly, it can result in increased intestinal gas. They cause bloating, cramping, and may cause the body to absorb other minerals. Such as calcium. Less zinc and iron Therefore, you should increase your intake of high-fiber

Prevention of heatstroke.

Heatstroke is a condition in which the body’s temperature is too high. It is caused by exposure to extremely hot air or prolonged exercise without the body being able to cool itself down normally. The symptoms may occur when the body’s temperature rises to 40 degrees Celsius or

Interesting facts about sweat.

Sweat is a form of waste that is secreted from the sweat glands through the skin. To help reduce body temperature. The main ingredients are water and salt. It usually comes out mainly on the face, armpits, palms and soles of the feet. The causes of sweating come from

How much water should you drink per day?

Every day, the body loses water through urination, sweat, breathing, etc. It is important to drink water to replace this loss. But drinking the right amount of water may be even more important. Because if you drink too much water, or too little It may cause harm to the

5 herbs to help reduce “body odor”

Our home is a hot and humid city. which is also a factor That causes many people to have body odor because body odor is caused by the accumulation of bacteria from sweat, from germs, fungi on the skin and clothes, plus the hot weather and humidity

Tips for using eye drops correctly

How to use eye drops Before we pick up the eye drops every time, we should check the type of medicine correctly that you picked up the right bottle and don’t forget to check the expiration date. Normally, the eye drops are in the form of

4 techniques to reduce menstrual pain by yourself easily at home

reduce menstrual pain by yourself easily Many women face menstrual pain in varying degrees. Some people don’t have much pain. And some people have a little pain, they can endure it. Some people feel pain without doing anything. Today, we’re here to introduce a method. reduce menstrual pain It’s easy to

Wash your favorite underwear, not damaged

Wash your favorite underwear to stay in shape. live a long time Washing bras seems to be an easy task, but it’s actually another type of clothing that requires quite a bit of meticulousness. because otherwise it might make the shirt in the good His shape can be