Arteta says VAR still needs to improve.

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Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta says VAR is not at the desired level yet. Ready to express sympathy for Liverpool with what happened in last weekend’s game.

The Reds were denied Luis Diaz’s goal, which came from a mistake which ultimately led to the team losing 1-2 to Spurs, while the refereeing organization has issued an apology. events 

Asked for his thoughts on VAR after last weekend’s events, UFABET  Arteta said: “We had important discussions before the season and everyone is determined to improve and find out. The best way to move forward.”

“But it is true that everything has happened this season. Not just in the Premier League but also in other countries as well. The pressure keeps increasing.”

“It’s not easy for them. It is not easy for any club or manager. Because it affects the season or the results of the competition. That is dangerous.”

Arteta was also asked if he sympathized with Liverpool’s situation and he replied: “Of course you know that in the end you want to get what you deserve. You need to minimize uncontrollable errors from your daily work and duties.”

“Everyone tries to have a clean and honest game. But at the end of the day you have to earn the right to win. Play within the conditions allowed by the rules. When that doesn’t happen it’s very frustrating.”