Wash your favorite underwear, not damaged

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Wash your favorite underwear to stay in shape. live a long time

Washing bras seems to be an easy task, but it’s actually another type of clothing that requires quite a bit of meticulousness. because otherwise it might make the shirt in the good His shape can be lost to cleaning as well. http://ufabet999.com

for the cleaning process must take care of it since removing it from the body Until I keep it in the closet.

STEP 1  Do not add to the clothes basket.

Once the bra is removed, put it in a separate basket from your clothes. Should not be combined with clothing To prevent the accumulation of sweat and germs

STEP 2 Prepare before washing

Each type of bra is designed differently. some have a structure Some types don’t have a structure. Some types have additional sponge pads. or different colors Therefore, there must be a step to prepare before washing. like normal clothes

  • If it’s a bra with removable pads The sponge should be removed first.
  • Freshly bought bras that are brightly colored should be washed separately. To prevent wear from falling, put on a light-colored bra.
  • Attach all bra hooks neatly. This will prevent the hook from catching on your bra or other clothing.

STEP 3 Wash the bra.

for washing underwear Washing detergent is not recommended. Because it will make the color fade and shrink easily. Should use a special detergent for underwear. The more natural or organic it is, the more healthy it is.

  • Hand washing should not soak the bra for too long. Because it will cause Lee to soak for only 10 minutes and then wash it. May use fingers to rub sweat and dirt off. For light-colored bras Often stains on the frame can be used to rub gently with a toothbrush. then rinse with clean water
  • machine wash Bras should be put in a cloth bag. and set the spin speed to the lowest level only to maintain the shape of the bra not to be damaged

STEP 4 Dry

When the bra is cleaned until there is no residual underwear detergent left, then dry it using a clip on the frame and a hanger. in an inverted manner to prevent the bra from stretching Leave in the shade to dry completely. After they are completely dry, store them in stacks like a store. Then fold the hook section into the cup.