5 risk factors for gallbladder stones

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5 risk factors for gallbladder stones

Gallstones in the gallbladder It is caused by the crystallization of limestone (calcium), cholesterol, and bilirubin contained in bile. The cause of the crystallization of these substances is infection of the biliary tract. and an imbalance of cholesterol and bilirubin components in bile. Therefore causing a single stone to appear. or many pieces

Which if the stones Whether it is one large lump or several small lumps.

Blockage in the gallbladder can cause the สมัคร ufabet gallbladder to become inflamed. And if there are stones stuck in the gallbladder for a long time May induce gallbladder cancer.

Therefore, you should always observe yourself if you have risky behaviors that cause gallbladder finger disease. If there is already risky behavior and have abdominal pain and distension that are not caused by indigestion or eating too much. The symptoms may be a warning sign of impending gallstone disease.

Risk factors that cause gallstones

1. People aged 40 years and over.

2. People who eat fatty foods. and a lot of cholesterol and people who are overweight.

3. Women and people who take estrogen.

4. Taking certain types of fat-reducing drugs.

5. Losing weight quickly. Makes the body dissolve too much fat

Warning signs of gallstones:

1. Severe abdominal pain, especially in the upper abdomen or right side. and there may be pain radiating to the scapula or right shoulder area.

2. Sudden and severe pain in the middle of the abdomen or under the breastbone.

3. Back pain between the shoulder and shoulder blade.

4. Nausea or vomiting.

5. Systemic symptoms. Other gastrointestinal problems such as indigestion, bloating, flatulence, gas in the stomach. Especially abdominal distension in the epigastric area after eating fatty foods.

6. Yellow body and yellow eyes due to gallstones falling into the gallbladder, causing the large bile duct to become blocked.

Complications of fingers in the gallbladder

1. Gallbladder inflammation. It is caused by gallstones that are stuck in the gallbladder. May cause severe pain, fever, and jaundice and yellow eyes.

2. Cholangitis. Caused by stones blocking the bile duct. This is the passage through which water flows from the gallbladder or liver into the small intestine. May cause jaundice and infection in the bile duct.

3. Pancreatitis. from stones blocking the pancreatic duct Causes severe abdominal pain all the time.

4. Bile duct cancer People with a history of bile duct stones are at increased risk of bile duct cancer, but this is rare.

5. Infections in the bloodstream. If you have gallbladder inflammation Another bile duct infection or pancreatitis It may cause the patient to have bloodstream infections and death.


1. Control your diet. Do not eat fried food. Food that is too oily Including foods that have a very sweet taste, such as soft drinks, canned food, ready-to-eat food. and frozen food

2. Weight control and blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels Don’t make it too high.

3. Choose to eat foods such as unrefined starches, such as brown rice, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and various grains.

4. Exercise regularly, 2-3 times a week, at least 20-30 minutes at a time.

5. Have a health check. Regularly every 6 months or every year